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6 Facts About Car Accidents in the US 6 Facts About Car Accidents in the US

Millions of car accidents occur every year in the U.S. It seems there are nearly as many adages about safe driving — watch out for the other guy, don’t drive on New Year’s — but what do the numbers say?

The following infographic from 1-800-The-Law2 examines some of the data behind car accidents in the U.S., highlighting the days and cities where the most accidents occur and examining the numbers related to distracted driving and driving under the influence.


6 facts about car accidents in the US

Can A Family Member Claim For An Asbestos-Related Disease Diagnosis?

Understanding asbestos-related diseases isn’t easy. While many illnesses are caused by lifestyle choices of the individual, asbestos-related diseases are caused due to consistent exposure to asbestos.

What are Asbestos Related Diseases?

Asbestos is a heat-resistant and durable material which until 1999 was used in many industries including construction and engineering, mostly as an insulant.

However, it is also a very fragile material with potentially lethal fibres. Diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma are caused from consistently inhaling asbestos fibres, which then sit on the lungs.

There are a number of problems with mesothelioma and asbestosis, particularly in the diagnosis stage. One issue is that mesothelioma can take as long as 50 years to develop after the initial asbestos contact.

Another issue is that it shares many of the same symptoms of other lung related illnesses, which often leads to misdiagnosis or late diagnosis, both of which are of little help to the individual.

This is one of the reasons survival rates of mesothelioma are among the lowest of any cancer. Cancer Research UK figures show that on average 46 out of every 100 men diagnosed survive at least one year. However, only 6 in every 100 will survive five years or more.

Compensation Claims

Because the vast majority of people who are diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease obtained it through working conditions, they are entitled to compensation from their previous employer.

However, one of the obvious problems is tracking down a previous employer, especially as mesothelioma takes as long as 50 years to develop. So, can you still claim compensation from a previous employer even if their business no longer exists? Simply put, YES.

We spoke to compensation experts Asbestos Advice Helpline who told us, “In order to gain compensation, you only need to track down the insurer of your previous employer. If they aren’t in business, their records will be.

“In 2011 the insurance industry created the Employers’ Liability tracking Office which is basically a massive database of all insurance policies across a number of industries. A good solicitor will be able to track these down for you and enable you to start proceedings.”

Even if despite your best efforts you cannot track down the insurance records, in the UK you can apply for a government compensation scheme.

Claim Worth

Even though money can never make up for the suffering of a loved one, it’s always good to know what is potentially available to you. A government study from 2014 suggests that the average claim payout ranges between £137,000-£153,000, however, it isn’t unusual to see a claim higher.

If you cannot track down a previous employer, the government scheme mentioned earlier will generally bring a payout in the region of £115,000-£123,000.

Claiming as Family

A claim is normally made via the person who is diagnosed as it is the individual who deserves compensation as a result of their employers.

However, if the worst does happen and a loved one passes away because of an asbestos-related disease, how do you go about claiming as their family?

Providing they were diagnosed with mesothelioma for example, or mesothelioma is found to be the cause of death then you can make a claim, in the same way that you would if they had been alive.

There is a blanket rule in place which states that claims must be made within three years of a diagnosis or within three years of a loved one’s death, otherwise the claim becomes void.

What do people do for their family

Family is one of the reasons why we are in this world. This world is not good to anyone. It will give you a hard time without any expectation, but in all of that hardship, you have a family who supports you in every kind of problem. You go out and work hard. First, there are hardships in finding the job and after that there are issues of boss in the office. This is how difficult life is. We all have friends at a certain period of time and after graduation, they all are gone like they never existed in the first place. The one and the only thing that stays when you grow up is family. No matter what happens, they will always be there to support you.

This is the reason why most of the people like to do a lot for their families. Some like to save so much money so that they can provide their family a better lifestyle than theirs. Some do double jobs to fulfill the needs of their families and children. We all want the security of our family in every way. Some people hire maids which help the women in the household. They have drivers, gardener, hence they hire different people to do different tasks for their family. People who are rich also have automatic doors which ensure the safety of their family when they are not home.

We can compromise on each and everything, but there should be no compromise on the health of your family. This is the only thing you can’t buy with your money, so try to save this precious gift of nature in every way. Children are not sensible enough to make a difference between what is wrong or right. They will probably demand things that are not good for their healthy just because of their shinny packing and beautiful colors. Eating such things will harm your stomach and you will need to have a stomach wash after that. They are not suitable for the health of anyone. After that you have to rush to your doctor and tell him so to something. Sometimes doctors are no so cooperative with their patients. They end up giving them wrong medicines because they never took their case seriously. Those medicines then cause the side effects which are worse than the actual problem.

There are so many cases reported in the developing countries in which doctor gives wrong medicine for the patients with fever and flu and they end up getting liver cancer because of them. This is not how things work. You need to do something about this. If you have any kind of doctor like this around you, you need to complain The Medical Negligence Experts. They will help you fight the case and won’t charge you any money until you get the compensation money from him. If you are interested, call them now or visit their website, fill the form and wait for their call.

The Canadian Immigration Law

Canada, the second largest country in the world is known as the land of opportunity. Immigrants from Europe, Asia, and United Kingdom have come and settled here during the past decades. You can get in touch with an immigration consultant in Canada for more information.

The Canadian Immigration Law

The law makes provision for all kinds of people to migrate to Canada. Students, jobseekers, businessmen and complete families, if they fulfil basic requirements can come and stay in Canada. In fact about one sixth of the current population was born outside Canadian borders.

The underlying aim of the law is to admit foreign nationals into Canada and define their rights, duties and responsibilities. A flourishing economy, job opportunities and an inclusive culture makes Canada a favourable place for immigrants to settle down.

According to a recent report (also published online) the number of study permit holders, temporary permit holders and permanent permit holders has increased phenomenally during the period 2015-2016.

The Canadian federal and provincial governments offer about 60 immigration programs. There are clearly defined categories under which students, professionals, workers (skilled and unskilled), and dependents can make applications.

Example of Canadian Immigration Programs

  • Skilled Worker
  • Family Class Sponsorship
  • Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Quebec Experience Class
  • Provincial Nomination Program
  • Express Entry
  • Refugees and Asylum
  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)

CIC helps bolster Canada’s immigration program, which is one of its kind, and supposedly the most favourable; when compared to immigration policies of other countries. People can come in as both temporary and permanent residents. For either category applicants have to conform to the admissibility policies.

The CIC gets all its directives from the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. The policies though undergo periodic changes but the root policies are drawn from Citizenship Act 1977 and Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

This statute was introduced in the year 2002; and it replaced the Immigration Act 1976. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations are also important. Immigration consultants and immigration officers also have to take cognizance of the Citizenship Act.

The primary objective of the Act with reference to immigration is, to support the development of a prosperous economy. The idea is to ensure that all regions across Canada benefit from the advantages of encouraging immigration. The idea is to encourage trade, commerce, and education, cultural and scientific activities. Immigration should facilitate domestic and international Canadian interests. Among the goals of IRPA family reunification and compliance with humanitarian treaties are as important as economic growth.


How to get your rights easily

Rights and duties go hand in hand in this world. If you are fulfilling your duties, they become someone’s rights on the other side. This is what we have been listening from our elders that you must be completely conscious about our duties, sooner or later, you will get your rights as well. If we look closely, we are actually living in a world of duties. Some are moral duties, some are ethical and the remaining are the religious. There are certain codes which govern our lives from the beginning.

What if you get into a situation in which you are properly fulfilling your duty, but still someone comes and crush everything? You are going somewhere in your brand new corolla and you have perfectly followed the traffic rules as well, but still some hung over youngsters come out from somewhere and hit your car badly and you don’t even have the car insurance. At that moment, the world is like spinning around you. The first question that comes in your mind is what to do now? It was not at all your fault, but what now? Your car has been so much damaged by someone else’s fault and you have got some injuries as well. This means that now you have to pay double. The first is for the medical bills and other is for the car that has been damaged beyond repair. If it is not your fault, there is no need to give the money. Remember, you were following all the rules and performing your duty properly. So you should not be guilty at all. There is someone who can help you in this situation. What you need is to contact The Compensation Experts.

They are the best to get the advice from. If you are in any kind of accident, and it is not at all your fault, visit their website. Check the form and fill the mandatory fields. It contains your name, email and other contact details. After the submission, they will call you within 30 minutes, and ask for the details. Tell them everything about the accident. They will guide you properly if it is not your fault and will help you beyond your expectations. The best thing about them is that there is no money issue. Yes, you got me right. They are willing to help you for free. Who does that in this era? But fortunately, they are. It is in their terms and conditions that they are not going to take a single penny from their clients until and unless they win their case. So I think there is no problem in contacting them, since there is no money involved.

If you have any kind of doubts about them, you can check the reviews on their website. Their previous clients have given their feedback about them. Read them all and try to contact them if you are still not satisfied. Make sure you don’t have any kind of doubts about them.